online international internet succes versus investment

a small investment for your future strategic growth plan.

start-ups 1-4 employees

startup companies, I want them to have success

100 euro/hour

companies with 5-100 employees

250 euro/hour

companies 100+ employees

500 euro/hour


transport fee, cost of stay, not included

(start location for transport fee: Veurnestraat 4F, 8691 Leisele) kilometer rate  = 0.40€/km
(I do not give online advise, only face to face)

My Skills and Strength

visited during 8 years 4 times a week customers throughout Europe.
learned about massive various industries thanks to fasteners and couplings been used by a broad portfolio of customers


English, French, Dutch, German = fluently

Spanish = basic

followed numerous courses and read books to get insights into strategy.
have also implemented them into my own company Anemo

 If your margins decline or you're into commodity products, I will share you experiences how to increase them.
Because in the end: it's your profit that will pay your investments.

B2B experience 65%



Strategy Insights


the aim is profitable growth


Our Happy Clients